Resources of Granite Monuments, Slabs and Rough Blocks

Having years of experience in the granite industry, a strong client-based network, and the confidence to meet the expectations and needs of buyers in terms of quality, quantity, delivery schedule, and price, we started export trading and outsourcing granite monuments, slabs, and rough blocks.

We are now in the process of regularizing the export trading of granite monuments, slabs, and rough blocks to importers located in the US and European countries. We are proud to say that within a short period, several importers have added us to their reliable suppliers list.

With our strong client-based contact network, we can outsource granite monuments, slabs, and rough blocks from hundreds of small to large-scale manufacturers of these products, in addition to direct exports. Pragmattic Services' strength lies in identifying the right source/manufacturer of granite monuments, slabs, or rough blocks to meet the expectations and needs of a buyer/importer based on the criteria of quality, quantity, price, and timeframe. Our most important function is to be a part of our buyers'/importers' team from the identification of the source to the execution of the task. Our customers can be assured that we will constantly strive to be the best so that we can maintain a long-term business relationship.

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